How to get your startup acquired

Get AcquiredWhy would someone want to buy my company?

There’s a new school of thought in startup financing based upon a book called Ultimate Exits by Dr. Tom McKaskill. You can download the Ultimate Exits e-book and it’s accompanying workbook for free from Dr. McKasKill’s website. (He’s also got a ton of really great e-books on Amazon.)

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Know your exit before you start

Exit Strategy

If you don’t know where you are going, it’s hard to know when you’ve gotten there.

Eric Dobson starts us out with a simple, yet profound statement, “If you don’t know where you’re going it’s hard to know when you’ve gotten there.” What’s more, he focuses in on his role as an angel investor.

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Episode 4: Eric Dobson, Angel Capital Group (Part 1)

Eric DobsonEric Dobson is the CEO of Angel Capital Group. Since growing two companies to more than $4M in investment as an entrepreneur, he now manages the portfolio of 25 companies in which ACG has already invested. Eric plans to increase ACG’s investments to one per month in 2014 as ACG activates its crowd funding initiatives.

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