Episode 2: David Meerman Scott (Part 1)

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David Meerman ScottDavid Meerman Scott is an internationally acclaimed strategist whose books and blog are must-reads for professionals seeking to generate attention in ways that grow their business. David speaks on Real-Time Marketing & PR Strategy, Agile Selling, Spreading Ideas, Generating Attention, Growing Business, New Communications Strategies, Entrepreneurism, and Social Media. He’s spoken to business audiences on every continent, including recently in Antarctica. He is an advisor to several marketing and sales SaaS companies including Hubspot.

David was so gracious with his time that we got two episodes out of this interview, which covers these topics:

  • How and why getting fired from his corporate gig was a gift
  • How going on your own is less risky than working for a single corporate entity
  • Why job #1 is creating content assets no matter where you are in your career
  • How content marketing is largely free and gives you a huge advantage
  • Who you should hire (personnel and staff) to tell your story
  • Whether experienced business people from industry are better entrepreneurs than scrappy 20-somethings
  • Why you should say “no” to the wrong investor
  • Is a self-employed consultant a “real entrepreneur?”
  • How to setup with an advisory role at another company

 If you could go back in time and change something, would you?

“I wouldn’t have made any large changes at all. I love the place I’m in right now. All of the big changes I wouldn’t have done differently. There are some little things like the stupid name of my blog [WebInkNow.com]. I should have chosen a better name. I still have this stupid name 10 years later. The big decisions I wouldn’t change at all. I’d tell myself to have fun, enjoy it, and don’t stress so much.”

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