Going on your own is less risky

Risks“I always thought there was a big leap for making enough money on your own and it turned out it wasn’t really as hard as I thought. [We all] have a fear-based reaction to what’s going on [when striking out on our own]. The number one thing is the idea of risk. Hundreds of people have said to me that going out on their own is too risky.” — David Meerman Scott in our interview (part 1 and part 2).

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Getting fired from my corporate job was a gift

You're Fired

David Meerman Scott recalls, “I jumped into my own thing 14 years ago after being fired from a corporate job for having too many radical ideas. Today, I deliver speeches, write books, and serve on advisory boards for startups.” It doesn’t take a deep thinker to realize that sure does sound like a better gig.

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Episode 2: David Meerman Scott (Part 1)

David Meerman ScottDavid Meerman Scott is an internationally acclaimed strategist whose books and blog are must-reads for professionals seeking to generate attention in ways that grow their business. David speaks on Real-Time Marketing & PR Strategy, Agile Selling, Spreading Ideas, Generating Attention, Growing Business, New Communications Strategies, Entrepreneurism, and Social Media. He’s spoken to business audiences on every continent, including recently in Antarctica. He is an advisor to several marketing and sales SaaS companies including Hubspot.

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