Episode 1: John Lee Dumas, the EntrepreneurOnFire

John Lee DumasJohn Lee Dumas is the Founder and Host of EntrepreneurOnFire, a business podcast that interviews today’s most inspiring and successful Entrepreneurs 5-days a week. EntrepreneurOnFire is a top-10 business podcast generating over 450,000 unique downloads a month in over 140 countries, and his lineup includes Barbara Corcoran, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Kawasaki, and hundreds more.

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Listen to your Audience

Listen to UsersIn our first episode John Lee Dumas gave our listeners a ton of great advice about how to work with a mentor and how to lead with value. John has put all of this advice to incredible impact, listening to his audience, and producing services and content to meet their needs. What’s more, he’s been fully transparent about the process and how much money he’s made doing it.

John’s podcast and its offshoot businesses leverage his listener base to create revenue and profit. John tells us that his listeners were asking him “how to create products and services.”

His answer is simple: “Listen to your audience and [they] will tell you the services and products they need.”

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