Episode 3: David Meerman Scott (Part 2)

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In this packed episode with David Meerman Scott we covered such a broad list of topics that we had to cut it into two episodes. Start with the first one and then jump in here.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we discuss throughout the two episodes:

  • How and why getting fired from his corporate gig was a gift
  • How going on your own is less risky than working for a single corporate entity
  • Why job #1 is creating content assets no matter where you are in your career
  • How content marketing is largely free and gives you a huge advantage
  • Who you should hire (personnel and staff) to tell your story
  • Whether experienced business people from industry are better entrepreneurs than scrappy 20-somethings
  • Why you should say “no” to the wrong investor
  • Is a self-employed consultant a “real entrepreneur?”
  • How to setup with an advisory role at another company


  1. […] “I always thought there was a big leap for making enough money on your own and it turned out it wasn’t really as hard as I thought. [We all] have a fear-based reaction to what’s going on [when striking out on our own]. The number one thing is the idea of risk. Hundreds of people have said to me that going out on their own is too risky.” — David Meerman Scott in our interview (part 1 and part 2). […]

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